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Live Edge Tables

Naturally stunning bespoke live edge tables that are perfect for enhancing your home. At The Riven Oak we offer both live edge natural wood tables and live edge river tables for your living and dining rooms respectively.

live edge wooden coffee table

What Is A live edge Table?


A live edge table is one of the most simple yet beautiful kinds of bespoke furniture. Aptly named due to the fact that it’s essentially a slice of a tree making the edges seem living instead of refined. Live edge tables are one of the purest forms of wooden furniture, showcasing the beautiful patterns and shapes of the tree to bring a natural effect to your home.

Live Edge Wood Tables UK

Our handcrafted coffee & dining tables are produced with the utmost attention to detail and are produced using only the finest wood from oak, walnut, maple and cherry trees. 

We craft custom live edge tables specific to your needs as a customer meaning no matter what you have envisioned for your table, we can help you achieve it. Ensuring that you are able to be involved in every process of the creation of your dream bespoke live edge table. However, we do also offer some pre designed live edge tables which you can check out here.

small live edge coffee table by the riven oak

How They’re Made

Handcrafted in The Peak District our bespoke live edge tables are able to be custom built to fit your requirements. Using high quality cuts of wood and producing a natural finish we are able to deliver high quality dining tables and coffee tables that are simply breathtakingly interesting to look at.

Starting by removing the bark from the cut of wood we will finish the live edges with care and attention to ensure the finished product retains its natural look. Sand and smoothen the edges for a crisp and softened finish on the tables’ beautiful live edges. Then, if needed, we can fill holes and cracks with epoxy resin to ensure a long lasting and durable product.

To begin the process of getting your very own handcrafted live edge table for either your living room or dining room, get in touch here.

live edge coffee table by the riven oak featuring blue river

Live Edge coffee Tables UK

A living table for your living room! Our live edge wood coffee tables can be custom manufactured for your vision of the room in which you spend some of the most time in your home. Both durable and visually stunning our high quality natural looking tables are.

Live edge coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why, by working with us we can help you to create any look for your custom live edge coffee table including adding epoxy rivers. Every feature of your table can be bespoke from the finish down to the legs and bolts used.

Get in touch today in order to start the process of designing and handcrafting your perfect luxury coffee table. Alternatively you can view some pre designed live edge coffee tables for sale here.

Two wooden slabs to be used in a dining table design

Live Edge Dining Tables UK

A bespoke dining table that provides a natural aesthetic to your morning, midday and evening meals! Our custom built live edge dining tables offer quality and durability in abundance to give your family meals a warmer feeling.  

Get in touch today to begin the process of handcrafting your dream live edge dining table or to enquire about one of our pre designed dining tables.

All Products

All furniture here at The Riven Oak is crafted by hand. Using our years of expert craftsmanship we produce bespoke furniture designed to elevate your living space with stunning pieces expressing the best of both craftmanship and nature. By combining our creativity with artisan skill, we can help you craft a piece as unique as you are.

Our Live Edge Tables




How Much Does A Live Edge Table Cost?

Each Live Edge Table that we sell is handcrafted in the heart of The Peak District and price is dependent on the needs of the table. Once we have spoken with you regarding your needs/desires for your table  we are able to offer more accurate quotes. However we do have some pre-made items for sale listed here.


What Should I Expect From Live Edge Furniture?

Expect that any visitors to your home will look at your new live edge coffee or dining table in awe. The sublime finish of these naturally wonderful pieces of furniture will certainly create envy amongst your social circle.


Do you Deliver?

We can deliver your table for a fee. Please provide us with an address when you contact us and we can advise on a quote for delivery/installation. 


Do you Have Table Legs to Pair with the Live Edge Wood Slabs?

Once we have your requirements and know more about what you’d like. We can then source the different materials you’d like us to use and keep you updated with photos along the way.


Are Live Edge Tables Prone To Cracking

If mounted or stored incorrectly then live edge wood slabs can be prone to cracks/damage. We ensure that our tables are delivered in the safest way possible and where we can we’ll install the product ourselves.