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Epoxy Resin River Tables

Stunning & high-quality epoxy resin river tables perfect for your home. Based in Sheffield, The Riven Oak offers stunning wood and resin tables with bespoke designs including coffee tables, dining tables and anything else you may want.

bespoke epoxy river table by the riven oak

What Is A River Table?

A River Table is a durable and quality piece of wood that is split into two halves, with a so-called ‘river’ of epoxy resin flowing through the middle to give a bespoke finish. From this, there can be many different variations of river tables crafted depending on the desired purpose/function within the home including live edge resin coffee and dining tables.


Epoxy Resin River Tables UK

Our range of bespoke epoxy resin coffee & dining tables that are visually mesmerising as well as being hand-crafted with the finest materials, ensure that you can well and truly wow your guests whenever they are visiting. 

These resin tables light up every inch of the room that they’re placed in and our dedication to assuring quality of our work means that you’ll be in love with your new bespoke furniture. 

At The Riven Oak we are proud to offer bespoke river tables that are custom designed based on your specification as a customer. We work with you throughout the design and crafting process to ensure that you’ll be thrilled with the end product.

Not only this, but we also have a range of predesigned river tables for you to choose from if you feel that one of these matches your needs perfectly. See here to buy a river table or view our full range of predesigned river tables.

amazing epoxy river table created by the riven oak designers

How We Make Our Tables

Handcrafted in The Peak District we custom design these luxury coffee & dining tables using high quality wood that is cut down the middle and the middle filled with epoxy resin that captures the entire room with its vibrance and colour. The epoxy resin table top can be coloured in a variety of different colours allowing you to get the dining or coffee table that you’ve dreamed of having. 

We start by consulting with you on the requirements for your river table, and then once we have the information we need, we can begin working on your bespoke item of luxury furniture.

Every part of the crafting and designing process can involve you, the customer. We can customise both the resin table top and the base of your river table, along with offering different types of legs for the new dining or living room centerpiece to stand on. This gives you the power to detail your every need and get exactly what you’re looking for from your new epoxy resin table.


To begin the process of enhancing your living or dining room, get in touch with us today by clicking here, or by ending an email to therivenoak@gmail.com

a large epoxy resin river dining table designed by the riven oak

Epoxy Resin River Dining Tables UK

Dine at home in style! Epoxy resin river dining room tables are our most popular request and it is easy to see why, these stunning tables turn any room into a luxury experience with the ability to match the style of the room perfectly.  

Our bespoke luxury epoxy resin dining tables make the perfect centrepiece for your family dining room, with live edge styling and mesmerising river patterns, your dinner guests will be envious of more than just your cooking!

Our wood and resin dining tables are fully bespoke, meaning that every little feature of the epoxy resin river table is exactly how you’d like it to be.

So whether you’d like a live edge epoxy resin dining table or a sleek and stylish family sized river table get in touch today and begin the process of handcrafting your dream resin river dining table or to enquire about one of our pre designed river table.

blue epoxy river luxury coffee table

Epoxy Resin Coffee Tables UK

Enhancing your living room! Our visually breathtaking resin coffee tables can be the crowning jewel in your living room. The perfect piece of luxury bespoke furniture that gives style and durability in abundance. 

When it comes to finding a furniture piece that really catches your eye a fully bespoke river coffee table is the best way to go. Working with us you can customise every feature of the table to ensure that it is perfect for you and your room.

All of our designs are bespoke designs tailored to meet your needs and requests meaning that no matter what your vision, including live edge river coffee tables and large luxury river coffee tables you can guarantee we can turn that vision into a reality.

Get in touch today to begin the process of handcrafting your dream resin river coffee table or to enquire about one of our pre designed river tables.

Some Examples

Custom Epoxy Rivers

The amount of customisation within epoxy resin river tables is endless, not only can you select the colour and how transparent the river is, but with us you can also select the finish. Our experienced epoxy resin creatives are capable of creating many kinds of finishes from matte to glossy, get in touch and let us help you discover your dream table.

Solid Coloured Epoxy

black epoxy resin river

Clear Epoxy

Clear epoxy resin river

Cloudy Epoxy

cloudy epoxy resin river

Clear Coloured Epoxy

clear blue epoxy resin river

Custom Table Legs

We have an infinite range of table leg styles for you to choose from to complete the look of your epoxy resin river table. Below are some of the most popular styles to help with your inspiration.

Steel Squared

steel table legs for epoxy river table

Double Arch

cloudy epoxy resin river

Intersecting Arches

intersecting arch table legs

Crossed Bow

intersecting cross table legs for river dining table

Single Arch

single arch coffee table legs

All Products

Take a look at some of the bespoke furniture hand-crafted by us at The Riven Oak. Our furniture is designed to elevate your living space into something truly remarkable. We use creativity and skill combined with your vision to help craft a piece as unique as you.

Our Epoxy Resin River Tables

stunning black epoxy resin table designed by the riven oak in sheffield

Epoxy Resin Desks UK

Make your office space a place that you never want to leave with a stunning epoxy resin office desk.

Our epoxy river office desks, whether for an office space or your own home office are the perfect item to make your office feel much more inviting while adding a touch of class and luxury.

If you struggle to find the motivation to get behind your desk then an epoxy resin desk can help, after all, who wouldn’t want to spend time working on such a stunning resin desk custom tailored to their vision?

No matter what you have in mind for your luxury river desk we can help turn that vision into a reality:

Get in touch today to begin the process of handcrafting your dream resin river coffee table or to enquire about one of our pre designed river tables.


How Much Does An Epoxy River Table Cost?

Each River Table that we sell is handcrafted in the heart of The Peak District and price is dependent on the needs of the table. Once we have consulted with you we are able to offer more accurate quotes for your Epoxy River Table. However we do have some pre-made items for sale listed here.


Can you create other epoxy resin furniture?

Yes, as we offer bespoke epoxy resin river furniture designs we can design and create any furniture you are interested in however epoxy resin tables and chairs are our most popular requests. If you would like to make a request get in contact and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

What Wood Is Used For River Tables?

We source high end quality materials for our river tables. We work with wood from oak trees, walnut trees, maple trees, cherry trees & many more.


How Thick Should A River Table Be?

The perfect thickness of an epoxy resin river table is around 2” thick. However, as our tables are custom made, we are able to work with you to ensure that your new household item is perfect for you.


What Do You Use For A River Table?

We source the most natural pieces of wood and use high quality epoxy resin to craft these luxury items of furniture. The true beauty of these pieces is achieved through using wood that has a natural edge with bark.


Are River Tables Strong?

The combination of thick, natural high quality wood with durable epoxy resin ensures that our handcrafted coffee and dining tables are incredibly strong.


Does Epoxy Resin Scratch Easily?

Due to the composition of epoxy resin, it is typically more durable than most other types of coating. Epoxy coating itself is actually scratch resistant so it’s stunning visual effects will be long-lasting.

Where are you based?

We are based in Dronfield near Sheffield in the UK.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere within the UK however if you are not in the United Kingdom delivery and shipping arrangements can be made to fit you.